The Benefits of Sex For Marriage Couple

Many expert said that many people, who are not usually get sick, are those who are sexually active. Do you agree? Sex is one of the basic needs of human. Thus, it must be satisfied. Let us look at the different benefits of sex for couples:

  • It strengthens the immune system.

Sexually active people have stronger immune systems and they fight against germs and bacteria as well as the viruses which can cause diseases. In fact, even if you will only have sex twice a week, this can give a huge difference in your immune system.

  • It increases your libido.

Based on research, the more you have sex, the more you will look for it because it increases your libido. For female, the more you do it, there will be more lubrication which is why you will long for it.

  • It lowers blood pressure.

This is proven in a study that sex can lower blood pressure as it improves the circulation of blood in the body.

  • It prevents incontinence.

This is often true in women. They tend to have a good bladder control. This is because the pelvic floor muscles are being workout. During orgasms, the muscles contracted which strengthen them.

  • It is a good exercise.

When you are sexually active, you tend to burn lots of fats than the usual exercise. It makes your heart pumps and it leads your muscles to work.

  • It can also make your heart healthy.

Sex is good for your heart. This is because it increases your heart rate. It also normalizes level of your testosterone and estrogen. In fact, it can also prevent you from having Osteoporosis.

  • It lessens your pain.

During orgasm, your pain is blocked. It has the ability to release hormones that would fight against pain. Thus, menstrual cramps arthritis, and even headache will no longer be felt if you are sexually active.

  • It improves sleep.

Because sex can help you feel relaxed, you will improve your sleep pattern. After orgasm, the prolactin which is responsible to have a good sleep will be released, which is why you will be able to sleep soundly.

  • It helps you relax.

Sex is one way you can fight stress and pressure. It can make you feel relaxed. Thus, it prevents you from experiencing depression and anxiety. You will also feel less irritable.

  • It makes you happy.

Sexually active people tend to be happier than those who are not. It increases their self-esteem as they feel valued. It releases natural feel-good hormones, which are responsible for the emotions of being happy for people.

These are just some of the advantages of sex for couples. There are still other benefits. One thing is for sure, sex is a gift and everybody is entitled to enjoy it. But of course with some limitations.

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