How To Stop Pigging Out After Workout?


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You want to lose weight, which is why you do your regular workout. However, most of the time, you feel tired and hungry after the workout. This can be a problem because all the time you spent burning your calories will all be wasted. As a result, you will still gain weight or most probably, you will not lose weight.

Others think that they can just eat what they want because they have burned lots of calories. If this is the case, the main purpose of exercising will be compromised. That’s why it is important that you need to know what your body truly needs particularly when it comes to the nutrients you must take. If you will combine smart eating and exercise, you will be able to lose weight effectively.

You should eat small frequent feeding

As much as possible, you should eat every 3 to 4 hours. When you keep your body giving calories the blood sugar will be normal during and after your workout. It also prevents excess high insulin response when you eat again which would promote excess fat. But you should keep watch on your calorie intake. You must consume 500 calories per snack. All in all, you must consume from 1,600 to 1,800 calories every day.

Consume protein every meal

When you consume enough protein, you will not feel hungry. You will be able to control your appetite. This is because of the hormones that will make you feel full. During breakfast, you can eat eggs, milk, poultry products, and many more. It is also advisable to eat nuts, beans, whole grains, fish, and lean meat.

Eat lots of Fiber

You should eat at least 25 to 30 grams per day of fiber. This should be taken in snacks and meals. For snacks, you can eat fruits particularly apples. Fiber-rich food will make you feel full without consuming lots of calories.

Drink adequate amount of water

When you exercise, you will feel thirstier. However, many people think that they are hungry even if they are just thirsty. After your workout, you should drink lots of water, and do not be tempted to munch. However, you should not drink any sweetened drinks.

Workout before the meal

You should exercise before your main meal. In this manner, you will be able to refuel with calories which you have already consumed. Aside from that, you will not able to add snacks all throughout the meals.

You should enjoy your workout

If you feel that you are tired and you do not want to workout, you will feel hungrier. But if you enjoy your workout, you will not feel hungry. You will be motivated to do things right by not overeating after every exercise. You may join in a group so that you will not feel bored.


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