7 Rules For A Happy Marriage

There are many countries these days that have legalized divorce. In fact, many couples end up with divorce. They just wake up in the morning angry, leaving their kids in confusion about what’s going on between their mom and dad. Indeed, this is sad and alarming.

For those who want to get married or have been married, there are 7 rules you can follow to have a happy and successful marriage.

  1. Live your own private house.

It is hard to start your own family, especially if you do not have enough resources. But as much as possible, you should have your own private house where you and your other-half can start a new journey together. If you do not have the means to buy a new house, perhaps, you can rent as long as it is your own private home.

Being married is another chapter in your life. No one should dictate you on what to do or what to choose. Both you and your partner must stay firm no matter if there are people who oppose.

  1. Courtship should never stop.

No matter you are married now, it is not a reason for you to stop courting each other. Courtship will help you keep the fire of love burning. It gives excitement and thrill which would strengthen the relationship. Besides, being married is a lifetime commitment and this includes making your partner happy and valued.

  1. God should be center of your relationship.

If you put God in the middle of your relationship, you will less likely commit wrongdoings against your partner. You must remind yourself that God joined you together. Aside from that, you will learn to be patient and humble particularly in dealing with your differences.

  1. Do not sleep without settling your problems.

Do not let the day end without making sure that both of you is okay after you have had some arguments. You should protect your feelings. Control the way you think and speak calmly. Do not forget that everything can be settled in a nice way. Just communicate with each other properly.

  1. Avoid being doubtful.

Doubts are among the reasons why couples argue with each other. You should not be doubtful. Replace it with trust and confidence. Once your partner knows that you trust him, he will be encouraged not to break it. Like for example, if you are in doubt that your partner is having an affair with the other women, you should not believe it unless you have proofs. The way you think will govern your action.

  1. Make prayer a habit.

Prayer can move mountains. It can strengthen your marriage. Aside from that, you will feel there is nothing you and your partner cannot conquer, when you learn to pray together. Aside from that, this is a good training for your children. They will become closer to God since you are their role model.

  1. Never criticize and nag.

Nagging and criticizing is not the answer of all your problems. You must look the positive side of your partner. Again, what you think will govern your action. Thus, when you think that your partner is not a good person, there is a possibility that he will not become a better person. You should not try to fix your partner because you job is not fix, but to love.

Lastly, put in mind that marriage is a commitment. It is a lifetime decision. Do not expect it to be perfect. But you need to work it out in every imperfection.

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