Nutrients Needed By The Human Body

In order for our body to function well, we need more nutrients. These nutrients should be taken equally so that diseases will be prevented.


These are amino acids, which are responsible for growth and repair of the tissues. They can also build and repair muscles, red blood cells, tissues, and for making hormones. The body consists of many proteins. The immune system also needs adequate amount of protein. If there is no enough carbohydrates, protein is used as energy.

Food sources:

Animal products like meat and fish

Poultry products like egg

Dairy products like milk

Plant sources beans


There are two categories of carbohydrates and these are the complex and simple. Simple carbohydrates are sugars and complex carbohydrates are starch and dietary fibre. This is the first energy used to fuel the muscles and the brain.

Food sources:





Fats and oil

These are concentrated source of energy. Fats are needed in diet to maintain good health. They make needed vitamins in the body. They also cushion the important organs of the body. They make up parts of the body cells. They also regulate the body temperature. Fats also delay the cramps of hunger because the fat remains longer in the stomach. Fats also maintain the hair and skin.


Vitamins control the chemical reactions in the body. There are 13 vitamins and these are the vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E, and K. Vitamins must come from the food you eat because most of them are not made in the body. When people take vitamin supplements, they feel more energized.


Minerals are important in many body functions. Like for instance, calcium and magnesium are great for bones while iron is needed for the red blood cells to have more oxygen. These are also obtained from the food you eat because they are not made in the body.


This is the most neglected nutrients in the body. Most people don’t give importance to drinking adequate amount of water. Water is very essential for the body to function well. Water makes up most of the body. It regulates the body temperature. It also serves as a means so that the other nutrients and waste products are delivered and remove from the body. Water is needed by the cells to function well. You should drink 8 glasses of water or more every day. You may also drink juice, milk, soup as long as these fluids are nutritious. But you should not drink too much caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda. They are diuretic which will only lead you to lose more fluid in the body. Water will hydrate our body system. The skin will also glow if it is well-hydrated.

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