Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

One of the problems which men usually encounter, especially those who are in their 40s is hair loss. There are causes of hair loss in men. If you have this kind of problem, you must know theses causes so that you will also know what and how to prevent it.

  • Internal disease or systemic

Most of the time, you will lose your hair because you also have other underlying disease which lead to it. Like for example, you may be suffering from Iron deficiency anemia or thyroid disease which lead you to baldness. Aside from that, those who are receiving chemotherapy and radiation are also prone to lose their hair because of the treatment.

  • Family history

You can also lose your hair if it runs in your family. You must notice your family history. You can trace this by looking at your father or grandfather. Are they also suffering from baldness? If yes, then you also have higher possibilities that it will also happen to you.

  • Physical Stress

You can have hair loss if you suffer from stress. This can be physical trauma, surgery, car accident, and even flu. Your hair have its own growth cycle. When stress comes, this cycle may be affected which will also hinder the growth of hair. However, when your body recovers, your hair will also grow back.

  • Emotional stress

You must not think frequently especially if you have many problems. You must refrain from having too much anxiety, tension, and pressure. Many studies have proven that emotional stress can lead the person to be bald. That’s why learn how to handle your stress.

  • Constant pulling of hair

Braiding your hair should not be done constantly. You can lose your hair if you will always pull it. Avoid tight braids. You may be thinking that this just happens to women. But nowadays, there are men who usually braid their hair tightly.

  • Too much vitamin A consumption

Check your supplements if you have been consuming lots of vitamin A. Too much vitamin A can trigger hair loss. You should also take 5,000 IU everyday of vitamin A.

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

You should also consume adequate vitamin B everyday. If you have anemia, you must correct this first, before you can see how your hair grow back again.

  • Certain Medication

Some medications can cause hair loss. These are the antidepressant, blood thinners, and many more. These are the beta blockers. Some drugs use to treat rheumatoid condition can also cause hair loss. You can ask your doctor if you can lower down your dose if you will need to take one or more of these medicines.

Lastly, there are routines which you can do to reduce the risk of hair loss. One of these is to try the basic one which is proper hygiene, regular shampooing, and good nutrition.

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