Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere

Exercise is very important in our lives. It comes with many health benefits. That’s why it is just right to do this every day for at least 30 minutes. However, some people don’t usually exercise because they have many reasons. One of these is they are busy.

However, no matter how busy you are, you must always find time to exercise. Exercise is one of the most important ways how to live life longer. The good news is, there are many exercises that you can do anywhere you are, regardless if you are at home or in the office. In fact, you don’t really need to use equipment just to workout your body. You can follow the exercises below:


You can always walk anytime and anywhere you go. Instead of letting somebody get your car in the parking lot, you can walk to your car. Even if you are in the mall, you can walk around which is why your heart will beat faster. This is a good cardio exercise. Even if you will just do this for 30 minutes, this can bring a huge difference for your health and body. In the office, try not to let your secretary do everything. You can run the errands and get out of your sit once in a while.

Climbing the stairs

Do not ride the elevator. You can use the stairs as your exercise. This is also a good cardio exercise. That’s why you need to wake up early so that you will have more time to climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Do also the same way when you go out in the office.

Jumping Jack

This can be an intense type of exercise. But you can do this even if you are in the office. Why don’t you take a break and start jumping? You can do this 20 times. Do this as much as you can. You will surely feel your heart beats double.

Doing Push ups

You can do this on the floor or even on the wall. Ideally, perform this 20 times. But if you cannot, just don’t force yourself so that you will strain your muscles. This will develop both your arms and legs.


Do not forget to flex your muscles and whole body. You can reach your toes without bending your knees. You can stretch your two hands while either sitting or standing. Try to bend your waist sideways, forward, and backward. It is also good to stretch your neck sideways, forward, and backward.

Exercise is really important. Even if you are working or at school, try to find some time to do all these exercises. These can be simple, but these would also help you in many ways, especially in maintaining good health.

Lastly, you can release all your tension when you exercise. It would also help you fight stress so that you will have the energy to do all your work. By the way, it does not mean that you are at home, you can’t do all these exercises. In fact, there is no reason for you not to workout.

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